With the Holidays slowly coming to a close, we are reminded that 2021 is nearly over. New Year means new resolutions, goals, and TRENDS. We wanted to compile some trending design concepts and ideas for the coming year. Whether you are making some subtle changes to your home or completely remodeling, there is so much opportunity to express your personal style in 2022!


Let’s start off strong with Organic. This style includes bamboo, wicker, rattan and all things greenery. Embracing the natural element and leaning towards the raw materials gives such a clean, airy, and fulfilling vibe for your home. We all benefit from connection to nature and all that it offers and provides: Security, depth, and safety. Organic design brings life to any space with clean and simple style.


Cottagecore. This trend is everything we didn’t know we needed and it will continue to bring us joy and fairytale feelings in 2022. It is a beautiful concoction of floral, romantic, and femininity. Walking into your home will feel almost like walking into an original Disney movie and also cracking open Pride and Prejudice for either the first time ever, or the third time this year.


Everything is coming up green, and we are in love. If you are feeling like continuing on the path of boldness, or maybe 2022 is your year to test the waters, go green. From deep emerald to soft sage, you can mix and match your hues and tie in your natural element with house plants of all shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid to explore contrasting furniture and different textures and patterns. Be bold and go green!


Scandinavian, Bohemian, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalism, and Industrial seem to also be making a comeback for 2022. Some of these have been in the running for several years and most times we can’t choose because they are all so perfect in their own ways. Scandinavian and Minimalism are similar in their simple and clean design. We would even venture to say that Scandinavian in itself is a version of Minimalism. Both concepts are about calm, simple, clean, and functionality.

Bohemian itself is a beautiful idea and can take on many different forms from chic to eclectic. If you desire Boho then look towards plants, rich colors, and unique patterns and textures. Turn your space into a carefree and colorful oasis. Mid-Century Modern is another concept that embraces Minimalism. This concept is so interesting as it truly incapsulates an entire generation of architect and design. Take a dive into what Mid-Century Modern is all about. Industrial offers beautiful ways to incorporate basic concepts. From exposed brick to galvanized fixtures and furniture, this always has a clean, rustic, and stylish feel.

If there is one thing we can rest assured in, it is that our homes are our sanctuary. It is where we laugh, cry, love, and grow. It is the place that we create for ourselves and our loved ones. Make it beautiful, make it a reflection of you. Kick off 2022 by exploring these trends and maybe even embracing them for your home.

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