Here at Persnickety Interiors, we love Coastal Design. Most of us would probably love an ocean front view, but since that isn’t always possible, we bring the modern and chic beach house to your home. There are so many different ways to move within the Coastal concept that it isn’t just limited to seashells, anchors, and rope. Coastal is expressed hugely through natural lights, soft tones, and a very clean and airy aesthetic. Think of sitting on a beautifully built Adirondack chair, with a lovely beach breeze hitting your sun kissed skin, soak all of that in and bottle it. That feeling is what we are after with Coastal as the concept. Let’s talk about Coastal in depth and how you can incorporate it in your space.


Taking most of its cues from nature, Coastal belongs to textured materials, earth and water palettes, different shades of blue, clean and bright whites, and striped patterns. One monumental aspect that we need to focus on is natural light. This space needs to feel light, open, airy, and crisp. We want to mimic the coastal feel outside in the breeze in your chair. In architectural areas, coastal design loves larger windows, glass doors (some French, some sliding), and the occasional skylight. When dressing your windows, keep it minimal and light, allowing as much natural light to come through as possible. 


This is another part that we adore about Coastal. It keeps materials very earthy and natural. Easy ways to incorporate Coastal concepts is with wicker, rattan, weathered wood in lighter shades (white-washed, blond maple, ash), and lighter fabrics. If you choose a rug, lean towards jute, straws, seagrass, or simple fabrics. You will notice that crisp white interior makes up most of Coastal, still leaving room for beautiful pops of natural color and accents. For accents, think neutrals, light blues, grays, and lighter greens. We also recommend shopping around and checking out all of the Coastal light fixtures there are. There are options to fit any taste.


Another beautiful concept we notice in Coastal is keeping an open floor plan. Try not to clutter too much furniture or decor into each space, as this can take away from the light, clean, and airy feeling you are going for. Not every Coastal room has it, but if you desire, adding in sea glass, shells, and simple woven baskets can be a beautiful touch. Remember that there are many sub concepts inside of Coastal, so if you notice that you love a nautical feel, then go for it. Incorporate any unique coastal touches you choose. There is also Mediterranean which has a very modern and minimalist feel, or Coastal Chic, which takes many cues from Bohemian chic, while still keeping that Coastal feel alive. Again, don’t feel boxed in with any of these concepts, as you can shape them and take bits and pieces from them to cultivate a space that is all your own in every way!