At Persnickety Interiors, we know that change is constant – as a matter of fact, we embrace it.  And we aren’t just talking about new bed linens or reupholstering furniture (although we definitely love those things as well). We gave our website a fresh new look, totally redesigned with new features and updated photos to showcase a few of our latest projects, and to show you even more of the services that we have to offer.  We’re so glad you’re here!

If you’re new to our website, you might not be familiar with us – or even with interior designers in general.  In fact, you might be wondering if hiring an interior decorator is right for you.  There’s a common misconception that interior design is an exorbitant luxury.  Well, we have great news for you:  we believe great interior design service should be within everyone’s reach.  In fact, our clients often end up saving money after hiring Persnickety Interiors – because they then have the guidance and know-how to avoid making extraneous, unnecessary purchases.  (That’s a win in our book!)  So what are you waiting for?!  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let’s get started!

Whether you’re a past or current client, or if you’re just taking a look around – we hope that you’ll enjoy what you see here.  Feel free to drop us a note with your feedback – or, better yet, stop by the showroom at 2021 Walton Way in Augusta and say hello.