beautiful. timeless. fulfilling.

At Persnickety Interiors, we share a deep passion for home decor. We love the sophisticated, the eclectic, the delightfully unexpected, and making the old new again. And we also believe that great interior design is well within everyone’s reach. Our design mission is to enhance our clients’ homes by creating beautiful, timeless, and fulfilling personal spaces – while staying true to the homeowners’ personality and always within their budget.

It’s no secret that your home should be a reflection of yourself and your lifestyle. But actually bringing that vision to fruition can sometimes seem like a daunting task. And that’s where we come in! Perhaps you need an entire home design plan from floor to ceiling, or maybe you simply want a little help with decorating one special area of your house. You might be afraid to experiment color or unsure about how to mix patterns and textures. No matter your design situation, Persnickety Interiors is for you. We’ll help you take your home’s design to the next level and leave you with a stunning space that’s uniquely yours.