How To: Decorate a Dorm

It’s back to school time and that means summertime is over for all of our college students. Nothing brings about more peace than a well decorated and organized dorm room. We know the importance of an aesthetic that you love. Creating the perfect space can help keep you stay focused, positive and ready to knock this semester out of the park. Whether you are shopping for your dorm alone or with your family, these tips will help keep you on track so that you get the the most accomplished for the money you spend. 


The most important thing for every college student is rest. What better way to create a space where that is possible? Comfortable and stylish bedding. It doesn’t matter if you are a minimalist, boho chic, punk, or your own particular vibe. Find what speaks to you and go with that. If you like pillows, we recommend adding throw pillows of different shapes, sizes, patterns, or textures. Throw blankets also add a lot of character. 

Lights & Decor

One of the most popular trends for all styles are lights. Whether they are LED or twinkle lights. If you are a fan of these, find your favorites and enjoy the added style with minimal effort. Next we need to work on decorating to match your vibe. One place you can start is with some wall art or even some prints that you can frame. Maybe even a tapestry. We also recommend incorporating some cute, small shelving and mirrors. You can also find ways to showcase pictures of family and friends. Try to find ways to incorporate greenery if that’s your style too. You can grab a real or fake succulent or even hang faux ivy.  


Having a space that is neat and you enjoy being a part of will make all of those days and nights spent studying a lot more peaceful. Make a list of the things you know you will want or need in your desk/work space in order to accomplish your goals. Only you know what works best for you.

Organizers & Shelving

You will definitely need ways to utilize the small spaces. The world of organization reaches way outside of plastic sterilite. We aren’t opposed to that, but if you want a more stylish approach in addition to the plastic sterilite, then we recommend cube organizers and finding baskets that really fit your personality. You can also find some super adorable shelving to utilize all of the wall space. 

Lamps, Closet Organization & More

There will be a lot of random bits and pieces that you will think of along the way but we do recommend finding a desk lamp and even organizers to help maximize your closet space. 

Before you head to the store make sure you have a list to help guide you so that you don’t get overwhelmed or go over on budget. As you walk down the aisles, make the choices that feel best for your aesthetic and bring you excitement for the semester to come. Good Luck from Persnickity!