Who else loves summer time? We do too! One of our favorite aesthetics is the entire concept of a beautiful Summer Garden Party. Today we want to talk about how to set a table, summer time style.  There are so many options, ideas, and themes to choose from. We will teach you the best way to prepare and style your summer table to match your personal taste. The following steps can be followed in order or at your own discretion. Sometimes we find that one inspired piece that we adore and make the decision to create and style around it, and that’s perfectly fine too!

Tablecloth or Table Runner

Every beautifully set table needs a well decorated foundation. Whether you prefer the full coverage of a table cloth or the trendy table runner, picking this part is important. You can go with a busy print, calmer prints, or even solid and simple. 

Placemats & Napkins

You can have both, one, or neither. If you want to go with these fun pieces, we recommend patterns & textures that compliment each other. Make sure your pops of color and prints bring out the best in what the rest of your table has to offer. The world of placemats only gets better with time. There is burlap and even wooden basket placemats. Pick your poison and own it. We need this table to reflect you!

Dishes, Utensils & Drinkware

As much as we love a good Dixie paper plate in the South, there is something almost necessary, an innate desire as a Southern Woman to own dishes made for entertaining. If you don’t have a set yet, get out now and go find the ones made for you. 

Centerpiece & Added Decor

This is where you get to be as creative as you can. You can put together the most beautiful floral centerpiece with flowers from your personal garden or something from your local florist. There are a lot of different ways to style your floral arrangements. Some prefer one large arrangement and some enjoy several smaller ones scattered across the table. You can also opt for just greenery too! You can add in some candles and other inspired bits to go with the rest of your table. 

Outdoor Space

You can do so much to add to the Garden Party aesthetic depending on your outdoor space. You can string up some gorgeous lighting or even add in some cute lanterns. It doesn’t matter if you are underneath an old Oak Tree or if you are simply set up on your back patio, the options are endless and the world of design is yours.

Now that you have your inspiration and a direction for your summer table, it’s time you plan the dishes you want to serve and even throw in a signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy! We know how important it is to create special moments with the ones we love in a beautiful and memorable setting. Whether you are entertaining friends, enjoying a family birthday, impressing your colleagues, or just celebrating this beautiful life, setting a Summer Table can be just as easy as it is fun.