July is here and that has brought so much opportunity to spend extra time with our family and friends. This month is know as Family Fun month. So here at Persnickety Interiors, we want to find some awesome and family-friendly solutions to that chic and gorgeous living room you have been trying to put together on Pinterest. Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or just looking for ideas for the future, we want to help you create a vision for a space that is cohesive to the whole family, and also brings your personal vision and style to life. 


Let’s talk couches and chairs. Neutral fabrics are always a safe choice. Once you find your perfect seating, we can start the hunt for throw pillows. Pillows with different patterns, textures & accentuating colors will brighten any room. You’ll thank us later as those busy pillows will do a fabulous job at hiding stains and smudges from precious little hands. The comfier that couch, sectional, or chair is, the better. Feeling especially comfy? Add in a rocker. Find one that matches your vision and pick a place. Whether you are rocking babies, letting grandpa kick back after lunch, or just enjoying your favorite book, it will fit right in.


When it comes to your flat surfaces like side tables and coffee tables, try to find something that doubles as storage. You want to be able to throw all of those legos in their drawer before The Bachelor viewing party because no one wants to step on legos with a glass of red wine in their hand! This can also host many hilarious game nights. 


Pick a rug to tie it together. The perfect rug will add so much to a space. There are even rug options that can be thrown in the washing machine for quick clean up! Having a forgiving rug is going to be so important if there are little ones still making messes and learning from them.


Picking paint colors that bring joy is next up. If they bring you joy, then your family will be able to appreciate. If neutral and minimalist is your style, then flow with it, but don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices either! This is a place for love to flourish and family to come together.


Don’t sacrifice your sense of style. You can still have high end or pricier pieces that you are in love with, just try to lean towards more durable materials.

Make space for play. If you have a free corner or even a spot by a window, find a way to make it enjoyable for the little ones. Make it a reading nook, a coloring corner, or a place to just pretend and grow.

Finally, keeping your space clear of clutter with stylish and decorative baskets is the easiest solution. You can store throw blankets, toys, books & even magazines. 

Let us help you bring these ideas to life and any other ideas that you have. We think that creating a space where your family can thrive and you can be proud is so important. Family friendly and style can coexist effortlessly. Let us show you!