If you’re familiar with our work, you know that Transitional Design is a popular trend with us! This style concept gives you the best of both worlds with a classic and contemporary, or traditional and modern feel all in one. Simply put, it is the transition from one style to the other. There are so many ways that we see Transitional styles executed, each bringing about its own originality. Let’s talk about ways to bring this concept to life in your own space.

What it is & How it Looks

To keep it simple to start, we want to help you understand more of what Transitional is and how it would look. When bringing a Transitional concept to life, we see a foundation of very muted and neutral bases and brighter or darker colors being utilized for accent. You may even notice that things seem more minimal but still very stylish and chic. An example would be a very neutral space with a dresser that is a deep forest green with intricate and antique handles. It’s a balance between past and present, comfort and sophistication. Simply put, Transitional really is an ebb and flow back and forth between two ends of the spectrum, shaping up to be a combination that we can’t live without. 


For living spaces and other larger areas of the home, creating a clean and airy space with neutral walls is a great place to start. After that, we can begin adding that cozy neutral piece of furniture. When you are ready to add your textures, patterns, colors, accents, that is when it begins to come alive in an original way. Some gravitate towards side tables and coffee tables that have a glass and metal concept, others go for bolder statement pieces. Some other great ways  to bring Transitional to life is by incorporating arm chairs, ottomans, and other accent pieces that are patterned or textured. Bringing color and life to your walls with beautiful pieces of art and lively houseplants are key to this design, and even incorporating some of those family heirlooms are a great way to celebrate the past and present.


Bringing this concept into your bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen will be just as easy as our larger areas. Like before, we’ll be starting with that neutral foundation and bringing life with your accent options. You may even discover that during the process, your design preferences have a name. You may discover your own personal style is a transitional style with sub concepts of bohemian accents, mid century accents, Scandinavian accents, and more. Don’t be afraid to make it all your own and really explore your own personal style. Start out by finding some inspiration for this process on Pinterest and see where that leads you! This style is truly one of the most refreshing concepts, giving you a little bit of everything that you love while also making it simple and affordable. Whether you are starting with a blank canvas of a room or if you ware planning a major renovation project this year, take some time to explore Transitional and see if this concept is everything that your heart desires!