How exciting is it when the weather warms up and everything is in bloom? It is the perfect time to make your porch, yard, or deck an inviting and welcoming space for friends and family to enjoy. Outdoor living spaces can lose their “liveliness” in the winter months due to lack of use. Spring time is the perfect time to get that space ready for cookouts and days spent in the sun with the people that we love. It doesn’t have to be an entire makeover or overhaul if you just want to keep it simple and affordable. There are as many ways to spruce up your outdoor space as there are for your indoor space. It’s all about knowing your personal style and really owning it. There are are a lot of different styles but we want to focus on just a few of those. Let’s look at a couple of affordable ways to create a fun outdoor space for this Spring.


This is present trending theme for both indoor and outdoor design. Creating a calming space might be the most important thing to you. If so, maybe going Zen is for you! You can even keep your same outdoor furniture and just make it more comfortable and calm. Add more pillows and floor cushions. Another calming addition is to have more greenery or plants around you. One trending aspect of a Zen theme is making it your own, and making it peaceful all at one time. Sit down and really think about what that will look like to you in your space and then bring it to life. It doesn’t matter if you have a small two person patio, or an extraordinary spacious back yard. This trend makes it easy to bring your personality into your outdoor space, no matter how small!


Imagine something very charming, family oriented, and even a little bit formal. When we think of Southern, it’s impossible not to imagine gorgeous wrap around porches, rocking chairs, simple yet beautiful flowers, and sweet tea. What does Southern mean to you? That’s what matters most. You don’t have to have that wrap around porch and you can still up cycle your current outdoor furniture. Whether you are a fan of white wicker with bright colors, or wooden rocking chairs with nudes and pastels, Southern style will always have the biggest place in our hearts. Remember to pick your own brain, seek out inspiration, and make it happen. Don’t forget those twinkly lights, or even some well-placed lanterns!

One of the most important things to cover when creating your plan is picking the right furniture, but don’t forget the power of a good area rug! Finding something with the right color and/or pattern can completely transform your space. If you choose to stick with your current furniture, look for ways to bring it new life, which will only give you more bang for your buck. If you feel like planning for a project, building your own furniture could be a great thing to do as a family. There is no limit to what you can do! Remember to stay true to your style and own what you create!