Another day, another #Trend. Today’s trend focus is one that’s quickly gaining popularity on Pinterest: Maximalist Design. This design style is easily personalized and often pulls from a variety of styles. For so many of us, being surrounded by things that we love can be comforting and a way to express ourselves. While there are those of us that crave the simplistic feel of Minimalism, we can’t deny that the ability to deeply express your creativity through Maximalism is appealing. This style is usually reserved for the artsy and creative at heart; curating a space that reflects you, while sparing no wall, corner, or ledge. Let’s go over some of the ways that we see Maximalism come to life.

It truly doesn’t matter the theme that you choose, you just have to maximize it. More decor, more books, more furniture,  more patterns, more color, more everything. Most is more, in this case. You can work hard to find all of your favorite things in similar patterns and colors to bring forward a put-together look, or you can let the world see how eccentric you really are with combinations of styles. With Maximalism it’s important to remember to be bold, excessive, and sometimes unruly. 


If there is an empty wall space, Maximalism wants you to fill it. We see collage walls as an ongoing trend in this style. Adding different size frames and different color pieces is a great way to seize the expressive opportunity. Whether it be texture, pattern, or color. Think outside of the box and just make it a reflection of you.

Pillows & Throws

Again, less is not more here. Most is more. If you are working on adding a flare of Maximalism to your existing furniture, we suggest going with a lot of different sizes, colors, and patterned throw pillows. You can even have a variety of blankets to choose from that also reflect your personal style. Lay them over your furniture or find another creative way to display them. There are more ways than a trusty blanket ladder. If we are thinking unruly, why not mount ornate and unique hooks on the wall so that each throw has a place. 

Plants & Flowers

It doesn’t matter if they are real or fake, you can have many shapes, sizes, and species. The more the merrier (remember?). This is the place for plant people to be happy and never feel like they need to give their plants away. Keep them all and use them to express yourself. Try repotting in decorative pieces or old tea pots. Repurpose what you can to bring about a unique and out-of-the-box expression. That’s what Maximalism is all about. Go to your nearest thrift shop and see what you can find that would be perfect to pot plants in.

Colors, Stains, & Upholstery

Again with the “unruly” rule. You really don’t have to police yourself with this theme. You can bring together different furniture pieces that have different colors, stains, and have opposing patterns and colors in upholstery. You can really have fun with this one! Old pieces and new pieces can come together in the most terrific and disruptive harmony.

This trend was born out of opposition to Minimalism. We understand wanting uncluttered space, clarity, clear vision, and clean looks. But we also understand the extraordinarily unique aspects of trending designs like Maximalism. We hope that we can inspire you to find your style and that this will create a passion for expression!