With the changing of the seasons comes a natural desire to switch up your surroundings and sometimes even your style. We know how important self expression is in the home. It is what makes your house a home in the end. Whether you are building your own piece of furniture or upscaling one, there are so many ways to spruce up your space in a cost effective and easy way.


If you notice that your kitchen feels too plain, or that it has outlived its former design, try grabbing any chairs that can be recovered, painted, or stained. Picking a beautiful pattern of fabric can add so much to your space (we can help with this!). You can stick with a neutral piece or one with pops of color and fun patterns. You can even choose new handles for your cabinets and drawers. Another way to add a new twist to your kitchen space is to invest in another dish set. Finding beautiful and inexpensive dishes is quite easy to do, and it will be bring a feeling of newness in its everyday use! If you are hoping to make changes with less effort and cost, investing in new dish towels are another way to make a change, no matter how small.


You can find many ways to spruce up your living room. Deciding on new throw blankets and throw pillows are a wonderful and easy way to liven up this room. If you have the time, a new coat of paint can go a long way. Buying new lamps or replacing the shade of the lamps you currently have can bring new colors that tie into your new vision. You can also swap a rug or rearrange your layout. If you have any side tables or coffee tables that could use a new coat of paint and new hardware, this could also be another way to make the changes your heart desires.


Your bedroom is another place to shake up your style. The quickest way is to redress your bed in order to brighten up the room. Picking a new duvet or bedding set, adding new decorative pillows, and finding other linens can help bring your vision to life. You can take it a step further by revamping your headboard, and in some cases make a new one completely. Also, you can replace lamp shades like we discussed with the living room and remodel any bedroom furniture. If you find a must-have accent piece of decor, try decorating around that piece.

It doesn’t have to be challenging or even scary to make changes to your space. The changes don’t need to be major changes either. They can be simple, subtle changes that make a world of difference and leave you feeling accomplished and refreshed. Having your space up to par with your style can make you feel much more at peace in your home. If you have any ideas, take this time of season change to bring them to life!