Prepping for Fall

September is here and that means it’s time to pull out the stored away Fall decorations. YAY! We at Persnickety Interiors love Fall. We can’t wait for bonfires, apple picking, and all the pumpkin spice lattes your heart can handle. We know how special this time of year is for so many. It moves us from one season to the next and it brings about so much opportunity for time with family and friends. We thought it fitting to compile some fun ideas on ways to prep for Fall. We know that your Pinterest is slap full of ideas on how to decorate your porch, your yard, your living room & especially your kitchen. Here are easy steps to make your decorating more peaceful and help keep you on track.

Door & Patio Decor

If you browse Pinterest for even a moment you will see that there are so many options on how to make your entryway more appealing. You can go more minimalistic or you can do it up big. It’s always safe to start with the most obvious Fall choice:  pumpkins. They are a must have for some people. Some other options are hay bales, vintage apple crates, dried corn & even dried wheat bundles. You can even get some cute signage to pull the whole bit together. If you like the more minimalistic look then we recommend something cute and simple like pumpkins and a door wreath or hanger of your choice. If you want to go big, then just buy everything in the Hobby Lobby aisle. We know you want to.

Indoor Decor

Obviously you need little pumpkins everywhere, right? But Seriously, most stores are ramping up on those tiny pumpkins and they are whispering your name. Go now before they start screaming! This is the perfect time to experiment with a Fall table setting. Your mantle may be looking bare and that is another great place to really spice it up. Little bits here and there in the kitchen can also help such as seasonal salt and pepper shakers, hand towels, little pumpkins, and even a cute ‘Thankful’ sign to sit by your coffee pot. There are so many options and you can do it all at a reasonable price. If you want to decorate every room in the house, add some Fall flare to your bathrooms. Don’t forget about all the warm fall scents in wax melts and candles. We want everyone to know that at your house, Fall started on September 1st.

Mailbox & Yard

There are so many options when working Fall into your yard. We love mums. Find some trendy flower pots that really scream “Fall” and get some mums in your yard. There are a variety of flowers for the fall to add joy and color as the leaves begin to change. Please, don’t forget the pumpkins! You can also use burlap and some plastic floral pieces to make a mailbox dressing that screams, “Happy Fall Ya’ll!”. 

There are so many fun ideas and you have plenty of time to start prepping. We hope that you enjoyed your Summer and we look forward to celebrating all of the fun and fantastic adventures that Fall brings us each year. Oh! Don’t forget the lanterns. Those are versatile pieces for every single season!