What’s Trending: Halloween Edition

Who loves the spooky season? There are so many ways to enjoy Halloween, especially in your space. We took a look at Pinterest and compiled some Spooky Chic ways to incorporate Halloween into your home for parties and/or trick-or-treaters. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and let’s talk about this years best Halloween trends for your home! The options are endless and you are bound to find a style that suits you and gets the entire family feeling festive.

Creepy Chic

Think classy and chic meet Halloween. If you have any decorative candle sticks lying around or find some at your local home decor store, snag them up! You can add a coat of paint or leave them as they are. Pop your candles in and surround the base of them with dried moss and for an extra “wow” factor, cheap plastic skeletons can emphasize the feeling of Halloween. Run all of this decor down the center of your dinning room table and you have a centerpiece that will have everyone talking! Another fun idea is taking a Creepy Chic Apothecary approach by using old bottles and creating spooky labels! Pair this with your plastic skeletons, an antique framed photo, and an old vase with Halloween-inspired flowers.

Black as Night

If you don’t know where to start with a Halloween theme, you can always just go black. Collecting empty wine bottles and spray painting them matte black is an almost effortless way to go. You can use the bottles as candlesticks, they can hold flowers, or even attaching creepy and creative labels on the outside will boost the creativity! Don’t be afraid to drum up your crafty side! You can add to the simplicity by cutting out some black card stock bats and hang them with fishing line. Check out your local dollar store for skeleton bits and even some fake spider webs. You can dress up a book shelf, a table, a mantle, and so much more! 

Freaky Farmhouse

Our freaky farmhouse idea doesn’t have to be TOO freaky. Just think of your usual Chic Farmhouse colliding with Halloween. You may gravitate towards pops of orange and black in a simple way. You can also get creative with pumpkins, plaids, stripes, and even nude colors if that’s more your style. This idea is another way the color black can be your best friend. If you have old wooden picture frames, you can remove the glass and use black yarn to create cute spider webs. You can also grab some of the simple black witches hats and string them with fishing line so that they appear to float in your entry way or even over your dining room table! 

These are just a few Spooky options trending this Halloween. Make this year memorable and enjoy every minute of it —without breaking the bank. We hope your holiday season is full of fun with family and friends! If you use any of the ideas from this week’s blog, please send us a picture!