Mancave Madness

In honor of Father’s Day we thought we would dive head first into the world of man caves. What Dad doesn’t love a good man cave? Their best chair, beverage, & no one to tell them that their tv is TOO loud. We decided to come up with a list of the top essentials to make your man cave the best one around, or at least the best one for YOU.

1. Chair

The first thing you need is your dream chair. Does it recline? Is it a simple leather arm chair? Does it massage? Is there a cup holder? Ask yourself what the “best sit” looks like and find your chair. Some man caves even call for a full size couch. Whatever warms your tush and gives you all of the relaxation. This is your cave, man. Do what feels good.

2. TV

Obviously, this is your staple. Unless you like sitting in your comfy chair and staring at the wall? I think not. Whether you are a Nascar Man, an NBA Man, or just a Game of Thrones Guy, you need your TV. Pick your size, the bigger the better. It’s 2021 now and there is something called UHD and OLED now. Get that. Make it smart. You should be able to tell your remote what to do and it listen, unlike your kids. 

3. Mini Fridge

Hear me out, I know this may seem excessive because why not just walk to the kitchen. NO! This is about staying in your cave for as long as you possibly can. Fill it with beer, water & microwave burritos. I guess you need a microwave now too.

4. Wall Decor

You could start with a clock to match your personality. Will it be a sports inspired clock or just a basic clock or even a cuckoo clock? It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as you love it and you can watch the hours of solitude and peace tick by. You may need to add some other pieces just so everyone knows where they are when they enter the cave. Go with your gut, but remember: even men appreciate a nice aesthetic. Will your decor be tasteful or will it just be neon beer signs?

5. Accessories

There are so many different options for accessories. If your cave is in your garage, then tools are most likely what you are working with. Maybe building and repairing calms your soul. In that case, maybe you’ve got a couple of red Snap-On tool cabinets calling your name. Maybe you are a pool guy and find solace in hitting an 8 ball in a corner pocket. Get that pool table, Dad. Maybe you are a Foosball man. You can find a table without breaking the bank. 

Dad, it doesn’t matter what kind of man you are and what kind of Dad Den you build. We just want to say, all jokes aside, we appreciate you. Your dedication, love, support & kindness doesn’t go unnoticed. We hope that you have the most amazing Father’s Day.