How to Dress a Bed

When it comes to dressing a bed, everybody has their own style and taste of how they think their bed should look. Making the bed can become second nature to us in our morning routines, but sometimes we want to switch designs up a bit and maximize the look and aesthetic of our bedroom. Whether it’s our master bedroom or a guest bed, we want our bedding to exude comfort and the feeling of a good night’s sleep. 

We have a few steps we recommend taking in order to dress your bed like an interior designer. With almost any design project, we strongly recommend choosing the color scheme that best suits you. Do you already have a statement piece in the bedroom? Maybe a colorful rug or large artwork? Pick the colors you like from whatever your statement piece is, then decorate around those colors. We recommend white sheets as a good neutral base color, then bring in your pops of accent colors with your throw pillows. 


Almost every five star hotel and interior designer will suggest this: Place your pillows on top of the comforter/duvet for a clean, elegant look. If you really want to add depth to your bedding, we recommend layering your pillows in a way that will emphasize the size and look of your bedding. 

Here are the following rules we typically use in dressing a bed: 

King Bed (starting from the headboard) 

  • 3 Euro Pillows
  • 2 King Pillows
  • 2 Standard Pillows
  • Accent Pillow

Queen Bed (starting from the headboard) 

  • 2 Euro Pillows
  • 2 Standard Pillows
  • Accent Pillow

Twin bed (starting from the headboard)

  • Euro Pillow
  • Standard Pillow
  • Accent Pillow


Throw blankets are an excellent way to add a pop of color while also adding a touch of comfort to the look of the bedroom. With throw blankets, you can neatly fold the throw at the end of the bed for a cleaner, more sophisticated look, or you can toss the throw on the corner of the bed for a more informal, casual look. 


We hope we answered some of your questions regarding bed dressing and the rights/wrongs to maximizing the comfort and feel of your bedroom. It’s no secret that your home should be a reflection of yourself and your lifestyle. But actually bringing that vision to fruition can sometimes seem like a daunting task. And that’s where we come in! Perhaps you need an entire home design plan from floor to ceiling, or maybe you simply want a little help with decorating one special area of your house. You might be afraid to experiment color or unsure about how to mix patterns and textures. No matter your design situation, Persnickety Interiors is for you. We’ll help you take your home’s design to the next level and leave you with a stunning space that’s uniquely yours.

We’re a tight-knit team who’s worked together for over two decades, and we’re thoroughly-educated in interior design and trained in a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary and everything in between. So what are you waiting for? Call or visit our showroom today, and let’s get started!