Having a dedicated work space is almost essential in today’s world. Your home office should inspire productivity and help you look forward to the work day! Unfortunately, our home office can be a distraction zone. Maybe there’s too much clutter, files that need to be organized, and before you know it your mind slowly drifts to what needs to be done to your work space instead of what needs to be done for work! In this blog, we’re going to give you 5 decor tips for your home office and looking forward to hammering out that to-do list at your new and improved space.

1. Getting Organized

Keep it simple. Don’t worry about tackling the junk drawer or the pile of papers that need to be filed away. Start with something small, like buying a cup to put the extra pens in. Drawer organizers and desktop file organizers are a great way to clear the work clutter.

2. Shelves and Cubbies

Shelves and cubbies help fill in the empty space on walls and work GREAT for storage purposes. We recommend buying small decorative storage baskets to store away any small items that add to the clutter of your work area. Shelves are also great for displaying some of your favorite inspiration pieces (which we’ll talk about in #5).

3. Bold vs. Minimal

If you’re more of the creative type and love to be surrounded by color, don’t be afraid to be BOLD with your colors! We recommend finding your color palette and buying accessories that bring you happiness.

If you’re more of a minimalist, neutral colors are always an excellent aesthetic for your work space. Keeping the larger items (desk, shelves, etc.) a lighter color, like white, will make other neutral colors (beige, gray, etc.) pop more than they would on a darker surface.

4. Add Greenery

Adding greenery to ANY space in your home gives new life. Real or fake, bring some plants into your work area and watch it immediately shift the mood of the room. Display your plants in clear vases, metallic containers, shelf terrariums, or hang them from the ceiling!

5. Getting Inspired

This is where your personality can really begin to shine in your work space! Consider making a dream board and having it on display in your home office. The dream board helps you remember your “why” while you’re working away at your desk. You can also opt for a gallery wall of your favorite art pieces to bring extra pops of color. Printing inspirational quotes and framing them is an inexpensive way to put inspiration on the wall. However you decide to decorate your home office, make sure it feels like YOU! It’s tough to get inspired in a space that does not feel like your taste and personality. Make sure your work space feels the most like you, however that may look! 

After reading our 5 decor tips for your home office, it’s important to note there is no true formula when it comes to decorating. You might be afraid to experiment color or unsure about how to mix patterns and textures. No matter your design situation, Persnickety Interiors is for you. We’ll help you take your home’s design to the next level and leave you with a stunning space that’s uniquely yours.

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